The Sacred List

This is it, folks. My giant to-do list. My white whale. It may not seem as dramatic as I made it sound in my About Me page, and that’s because I haven’t included everything. I’ll add to it as I start crossing things off. Don’t want to overwhelm myself before I get started.

And without further ado, MY LIST:

  1. Start a blog. YAY!
  2. Learn how to use my fancy camera.
  3. Learn calligraphy.
  4. Re-learn Spanish.
  5. Continue learning Chinese.
  6. Go bungee jumping. Terrifying and exhilarating but YAY!
  7. Get all my planners in order.
  8. Eat healthy.
  9. Get fit (notice I didn’t say skinny, I said fit. More rants on this later).
  10. Overcome my fear of birds.
  11. Make a female friend who lives near me.
  12. Start a Youtube channel.
  13. Make a make-up tutorial video.
  14. Become smarter (I feel like this one makes me sound really, really stupid).
  15. Start a book club.
  16. Read my Bible EVERY DAY!
  17. Go sky diving.
  18. Publish something I’ve written.
  19. Outline idea for book.
  20. Finish cleaning out/organizing attic.
  21. Complete a Wreck This Journal.
  22. Travel to Japan.

That’s it for now. What are some of the things that you all struggle with? Or the things you’ve overcome or completed?

Grab some tea and let’s chat about it!

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