No Internet and Pulled Muscles and Mouse Traps! Oh my!

Phew! Feels good to be back.

No I did not die. And it has been a crazy week.

I started off strong on my workouts, but leg day ended in disaster. This is a shame because I love leg day. I pulled a big ‘ol muscle in my thigh and that put me down for a few days.

Then I stepped in a mouse trap. Who does that?!

Apparently I do. It was the equivalent of stubbing my big toe on a block of cement. Yeow! I was quickly on the mend when I then fell off a chair and pulled a muscle in my other thigh… If you couldn’t guess, I’m a bit of a klutz.

So while I rested I ordered a few things to help me along with my goals, and I am SO EXCITED! They should be coming in the mail over the next few days and I can’t wait to share everything.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing a lot of reading. Why? Because I had no internet for over a week! I did surprisingly well without, but I’m the type of person who can leave her phone at home and not have a nervous breakdown without it.

I currently have three books going. I don’t normally do this because I like to really focus on whatever it is I’m reading, but for whatever reason I’m indulging in every book I can get my hands on.

I just recently finished reading The Hobbit, and it was my first time. Please don’t judge, I have this weird thing where I like to see the movie before I read the book. It’s a little backwards…

If I read the book first, I will almost 100% hate the movie. I like to see the movie first so I can enjoy it for what it is and not criticize the director every step of the way for adding things or omitting entire chapters that I personally found significant to the plot. I feel like the movie and book were completely different, so I’m glad I did this.

So that was a lot of rambling to say I’ve started to read The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I bought this and The Hobbit as a Valentine’s Day present for my Honey Bunny earlier this year. Needless to say, he was pretty pumped.

Next on my list is a beautiful leather hardcopy of Jurassic Park and The Lost World. Honey Bunny surprised me with this one.

So pretty!

So pretty!

It’s all glossy because it still had the shrink wrap plastic on it. I’ve been enjoying this a lot more than I thought I would, but again, glad I saw the movie first.

The last one I’ve started reading is a sort of Christian “self-help” book. It’s called Keep it Shut by Karen Ehman. She offers a comedic look into her life as a self-proclaimed loud-mouth and gives advice on how she learned to control her yapper. Since this is a Christian novel, it is heavy on the Bible and gives lots of scripture to follow and meditate on. It’s an easy, less intense read that’s helping me out along the way.

So that’s what I’ve been up to. Just a little update while all my fun little goodies are being shipped across the country.

Now it’s way past my bedtime, and the loopy is starting to settle in despite the cup of sugar – Oops, I meant tea – I just drank. I’m taking my tired behind to bed.

Night ya’ll!

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